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How To Speak Your Truth, Step 5: The Pause

speak your truth Jan 10, 2019

Okay we're back with the fifth step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course - in this one we're gonna talk about the Pause.

Up to this point, everything we've done (tuning into our Sensations, Thoughts, Emotions, and Desires) is about connecting to our internal world. It's about discovering our inner truth... what I like to call the Embodiment process.

The pause is so crucial, then, because it's the spacious gap where we reconnect with the external world. And...

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How To Speak Your Truth, Step 4: Desire

speak your truth Jan 03, 2019

Welcome to the the fourth step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course - in this one we're gonna talk about desire.

You can determine your desire by asking yourself the answer to the question: what do I want right now? But if you're like most other humans, chances are that you have trouble answering that question a lot of the time. (Um, hi me too ‍)

As humans we are designed to be tapped into, expressing, and pursuing our deepest desires. They point us in the direction...

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How To Speak Your Truth, Step 3: Emotions

speak your truth Dec 27, 2018

Hey friends, let's talk about our emotions. Do you allow yourself to experience your emotions freely? Do your stop yourself from having big feelings? Do you even know what your emotions are most of the time? 

Identifying your emotions is a super important process. Because emotions are sneaky - if you don't acknowledge them, they have a tendency to sabotage your ability to speak your truth. We've all done some version of saying "I hate you"...

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How To Speak Your Truth, Step 2: Thoughts

speak your truth Dec 20, 2018

It's time for the next video in the How To Speak Your Truth series! Last installment we learned about sensations, and in this second step you’ll learn how to identify the thoughts swimming around in your brain

Now, the thoughts we're looking for in this process are objective. So you're going to want to stay as fact-based as possible in this step. A useful prompt is: What circumstances do I think led me to feel these...

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How To Speak Your Truth, Step 1: Sensations

speak your truth Dec 13, 2018

Welcome to the beginning of the Speak Your Truth mini course. Today we're diving into step one of the framework: Sensations. 

Our body is the first place to start when we're trying to figure out: "What is my truth right now?" That's because every cell of our body has its own individual intelligence, and these cells are the source of our intuition and impulses. So when we start paying attention to all the cells and groups of cells in our body...

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How To Speak Your Truth: The Intro

speak your truth Dec 06, 2018

Welcome to the intro video to the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course! 

In this class, I'm sharing a seven-step process to identify how you're feeling, express it clearly, and experience more authentic communication with the people around you. This is something I've been playing with for quite a while, and I can't wait to see how it lands with you. 

Watch the Intro video here:

Are you excited? Do you have questions? Comment below and let me know - I'd love to...

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