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speak your truth May 16, 2019

Have you ever been totally nervous to share something? Because I am today! 😎 I had all the excuses about why I should just send another warm up video in my weekly newsletter and save this announcement for next week/next month/next year.

But then I realized that I have a super unique opportunity. Because I can actually model the content of my new project at the same time as I share my news.

I’m going to use the framework from my “How To Speak Your Truth” mini-course. If you’ve already taken that class you’ll be familiar. If you haven’t, the seven steps of the process are marked like this to help you follow along.

Here’s what’s going on for me in this moment before sharing my news:

Sensations: My hands are shaking and my fingers are unsteady on my keyboard. I feel a tightness in my chest and a contraction in my breath. My throat feels a bit blocked. I also feel tingles and heaviness in my feet.

Thoughts: I think all these sensations are related to the fact that I have a big announcement to share with you.

Emotions: I feel overwhelmed. I feel nervous. I feel embarrassed that I’m nervous. Overall I feel ridiculous. ðŸĪŠ

Desires: Some more surface level desires are: I want to get this over with and I want your approval. But a much deeper, honest desire is: I want to share my news with you because this project is ready to flow out of my soul and it’s time to set it free.

Okay there’s my truth. Now comes part where I pause to come back into full presence with you. Let’s take three breaths:

🌎 Inhale…. Exhale….Inhale…. Exhale….Inhale…. Exhale….

Beautiful. I’m ready to give this full expression and tell you the news:

Hey {{first_name}}! Right now I’m feeling shakiness in my body, and it’s because I have a big announcement to share with you. I feel a little ridiculous that I’m so nervous, given that I’ve dedicated my life and career to being a voice and confidence coach (I know, lol, we teach what we need!! 😝). But it makes sense that I’m nervous too because I care about this project deeply and I’ve been waiting waiting waaaaiiiittttinnnnnnggg to get it started until I felt really ready. And then I finally got tired of waiting until I was ready, because ready isn’t really a thing. Plus the messages of the universe conspired to let me know that it’s TIME. ⏰

So, here’s the big announcement:

I’m starting a podcast.
It’s called How To Speak Your Truth.

The show will be an expansion on the process you heard me share above and can learn in my How To Speak Your Truth mini-course.

On the podcast, I’ll be sharing my own experiences and speaking to guests about expressing ourselves authentically. This project is going to allow me to share wayyy more than I ever have with you. We’ll talk all about how to communicate in a healthy way, an honest way, and a way that reflects your true inner spirit. We’ll talk about your vocal health (your voice on the physical level), your presence (your voice on the metaphorical level), and your impact (your voice as part of the collective). We’ll talk about speaking truth in every area of your life: how you speak your truth around your stories, in your home, in your career, regarding money, sex, love, art, addiction, power, spirituality…. the list will go on because it’s all on the table. Plus we’re going to be constantly, never-endingly asking the question “What is truth anyway??”

I hope all this makes you excited to tune in. But wait, there’s more! Along with listening to the podcast, you can also join my new membership program: the Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth Community. See, I don’t just aim to get you interested in this topic. I aim to support you in transforming your life. It is my deepest belief that each of us accessing our true inner voice and living/speaking our truth will lead to a more peaceful, prosperous, thriving, healthy planet. This Community is my way of creating a space for all of us to do the healing work on our voices together. In the Community I'll be offering monthly group coaching calls, astrological insight about what to express at specific times (and when to wait!), and prompts for you to practice your truth-speaking. Plus you'll get behind the scenes footage of the podcast and the opportunity to suggest topics and questions. 

Now here’s what happens next:

First of all, there’s actually one last very important step in the How To Speak Your Truth process that I haven’t modeled yet in this post. And that’s communication. Which involves actually hearing back from you! Please comment below and let me know if you’re excited about this, planning to join the Community, or if you have any requests or suggestions.

Additionally, if you haven't taken the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course yet, you can get started right away by enrolling here. The $19 that you spend on that course can be applied to the cost of your first month in the Community.

Next Thursday May 23rd, I’ll open the doors to the Community. You've got to be on my mailing list to get the super special doors-are-opening price of $19/month. So sign up here and then keep your eyes peeled for next week's email. If you snag the deal and stay a member in good standing, you'll be grandfathered into $19/month price for perpetuity! ðŸĨ°ðŸĪĐ

The first podcast will come out three weeks from today on Thursday June 6th. That's right after my birthday and the new moon in Gemini. I told you it was time! 😉♊ïļ

I can’t wait. Let me know your thoughts.

xoxo (yes, extra x’s and o’s today),





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