How To Speak Your Truth, Step 1: Sensations

speak your truth Dec 13, 2018

Welcome to the beginning of the Speak Your Truth mini course. Today we're diving into step one of the framework: Sensations. 

Our body is the first place to start when we're trying to figure out: "What is my truth right now?" That's because every cell of our body has its own individual intelligence, and these cells are the source of our intuition and impulses. So when we start paying attention to all the cells and groups of cells in our body (i.e. our organs, skin, muscles, etc.), we can get a really clear read on what's going on with us.

Maybe your skin it hot or tingly, or maybe you're sweaty. You could have butterflies in your stomach, tightness in your gut, or cold feet. Even if you're feeling neutral (which counts!), every sensation provides insight into how you are feeling. And acknowledging your sensations will absolutely help you get in touch with your truth so you can speak it. So here we go! Let's get good at identifying our sensations:


Watch the Sensations (How To Speak Your Truth, Step 1) video here:

After you watch this video I want to know... does this make sense to you as a first step? Do you feel like you're good at identifying your bodily sensations? Do you feel like you could get better if you practiced?

Even if you feel like you generally have no idea what's going on in your body, trust that this can work for you. I've seen lots of people become incredibly adept at recognizing their sensations, and I totally believe you can too. As always, comment below the video to share or ask any questions!

Sending you lots of love, and here's to speaking your truth ⚡️,



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