How To Speak Your Truth: The Conclusion

speak your truth Jan 31, 2019

Here it is, the Conclusion video of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course!

I'm going full-on philosophical with you today in this final video of the course (the thoughts I'm sharing are specifically derived from Vedic philosophy). I know that what I'm saying is controversial, so see if you agree...

My argument is that though there may be a sort of absolute "Truth" (with a capital T) embedded in our universe, we as individuals don't get to decide what that is. The only thing we have control over is our own individual unique experiences.... our personal truth (with a lower case t). 

When we live in and share our personal truth, we are living our best lives (Oprah talk!). But the great part about it is, living our own best life encourages everyone around us to do the same.

Picture it like this: we are all individual waves, but we are part of one big ocean. When we live our best "wave" life, our joy ripples out to the rest of the ocean 🌊.

This is why it's powerful and important to speak your truth. Hear more in the video...

And tell me what you think below in the comments!



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