How To Speak Your Truth, Step 6: Expression

speak your truth Jan 17, 2019

I'm singing Madonna right now because you know, you know, you got to... express yourself! šŸŽ¶

That's right friends - we're back with the sixth step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course and this is the big one: Expression!

Over the course of the first four steps of the How To Speak Your Truth process, we identified our truth by paying attention to our sensations, thoughts, emotions, and desires. In the fifth step we took a moment to pause and come back into contact with the outside world. And now in this sixth step, we're finally going to speak! Expression is about starting the flow of communication, and letting out something that is true for you.

By using everything you identified in the first four steps of the process, you'll actually have a script you can follow (a good one!) to share your truth. I'll give you some examples in this video based on all the scenarios we've been using in the course.

Now I definitely want to acknowledge: I know this can be scary. So if you want to start with baby steps, try simply letting out some sound next time you're feeling a lot and know you have something you need to express. 

We're living in a world full of blocked throat chakras... we all have so much we want to say that we're holding back! So let's get started. I'm here to support and champion you šŸŒŸšŸ’–.

Watch the Expression (How To Speak Your Truth, Step 4) video here: 

Do you have a fun (or badass!) "script" you identified? Please comment below and share it with us!!




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