How To Speak Your Truth, Step 5: The Pause

speak your truth Jan 10, 2019

Okay we're back with the fifth step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course - in this one we're gonna talk about the Pause.

Up to this point, everything we've done (tuning into our Sensations, Thoughts, Emotions, and Desires) is about connecting to our internal world. It's about discovering our inner truth... what I like to call the Embodiment process.

The pause is so crucial, then, because it's the spacious gap where we reconnect with the external world. And of course we can't speak our truth unless we do that!

So in this step we'll discuss a few really simple yet profound ways to bring yourself gently back into connection with the outside world (or into what Patsy Rodenburg calls Second Circle). Specifically, we'll focus on your eyes šŸ‘€ and your breath šŸŒ¬. This is powerful stuff to practice... let's do it! 

Watch the Desire (How To Speak Your Truth, Step 4) video here:

Do these mindfulness pause techniques help you? Let me know by commenting below the video!



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