How To Speak Your Truth, Step 4: Desire

speak your truth Jan 03, 2019

Welcome to the the fourth step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course - in this one we're gonna talk about desire.

You can determine your desire by asking yourself the answer to the question: what do I want right now? But if you're like most other humans, chances are that you have trouble answering that question a lot of the time. (Um, hi me too 🙋‍♀️)

As humans we are designed to be tapped into, expressing, and pursuing our deepest desires. They point us in the direction of our dharma (that's Sanskrit for "path") and help us understand when we're moving in a direction that isn't for us. But a lot of the time we can't access our desires because society has conditioned us to follow what I like to call 'scripts.' These scripts tell us how to behave and how to interact with others in order to be good. And while many of these scripts are important and exist for very valid reasons (i.e. don't hit other people), a whole lot of them need to be re-examined (i.e. don't ask for a raise because people in your position should never get one).

So one way to start re-writing these scripts is to pay attention to how often you say or think the phrases "I should..." "I'm not supposed to" or "I can't..." And the other work? To dive in and start paying attention to your desires! This is powerful, potent, important stuff, and it can change your life. So let's do this:

Watch the Desire (How To Speak Your Truth, Step 4) video here:

Are you getting better at figuring out your desires? Do you feel like you have access to your truth now? Leave me a comment below the video and share a desire you've been able to uncover!




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