How To Speak Your Truth, Step 3: Emotions

speak your truth Dec 26, 2018

Hey friends, let's talk about our emotions. Do you allow yourself to experience your emotions freely? Do your stop yourself from having big feelings? Do you even know what your emotions are most of the time? 

Identifying your emotions is a super important process. Because emotions are sneaky - if you don't acknowledge them, they have a tendency to sabotage your ability to speak your truth. We've all done some version of saying "I hate you" when we're actually just sad and need a hug šŸ¤—

Why is it so hard to figure out how we're feeling? Well first of all, when we're experiencing big emotions our rational brain is likely to shut down. Combine that with the fact that our society discourages us from feeling things and expressing ourselves, and no wonder we get stuck in a cycle ignoring our emotions, acting at the mercy of them, and then upsetting other people (and ourselves!) by communicating things that aren't our deepest truth.

Recognizing our emotions is crucial to our overall health and happiness. So in this third step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course, we'll do our best to identify them!

Watch the Emotions (How To Speak Your Truth, Step 3) video here:

Does this work for you? Are you confused about your emotions? Leave me a note in the comments below the video šŸ’–




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