How To Speak Your Truth, Step 7: Communication

speak your truth Jan 24, 2019

We've arrived at the seventh and final step of the How To Speak Your Truth mini-course: Communication. This is the part of the process when you actually go back and forth with the outside world! 🌎

As amazing as it would be to live in a vacuum where nothing external influences us, that's definitely not reality. There are always others around us who have their own sensations, thoughts, emotions, and desires too. So how do we actually converse?

To understand how, I like to name something I call the fifty percent mark. This is the imaginary line that separates your stuff from other peoples' stuff. In other words, it defines where you end and the outside world begins. 

Using the fifty percent mark idea, you can develop a practice for speaking your truth that doesn't violate anyone else's boundaries, and also allows you to feel more secure in your needs at the same time. 

And the whole process starts to flow: I share with you..., I give you space to absorb...,  you share back with me..., I absorb it... And so on!

Want to try? Watch the video for the full explanation:

And now that we're through this whole process I definitely want to know: does this help you? Are you using this framework? What have you learned? Please share in the comments ⬇️!



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