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Straw Phonation

how to warm up Jun 22, 2017

Hey there crew! Have you ever heard of straw phonation? It’s using a straw to practice making sound with optimal airflow and pressure. The concept was popularized by renowned voice doctor Ingo Titze in this popular youtube video 7 years ago, and has been taken on board by singers, voice teachers, and professional voice users alike. Straws are an incredibly valuable tool for calibrating your effort to create Sound at the vocal folds – so pick one up and try this out!!


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Kapalabhati Pranayama

how to warm up Jun 15, 2017

Calling all yogis and yoginis! Today’s How To Warm Up video is an awesome breathing exercise from yoga – a pranayama – called Kapalabhati (pronounced kuh-pall-uh-BAH-tee). Kapalabhati means “skull shining breath.” The idea is that when you practice this breathing technique, your skull winds up feeling all shiny and tingly from the energy you’re sending upwards. Sounds kinda nice, right? The best part about this pranayama is that it is another way to...

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The Swinging Exercises

how to warm up Jun 08, 2017

It’s time to warm up your Body! And today we’re going to be doing something more vigorous: exercises that use the momentum of swinging. These three simple exercises will warm up your spine, get your blood flowing, and get your breath moving. Best of all, they’ll only take you 2 minutes!. These are two of the best minutes you can add to your day, so check it out:

Check out the Swinging (Body) exercise here:



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Sound That Feels True To You

how to warm up Jun 01, 2017

Today’s exercise is both really simple and also totally challenging. It’s called “Sound That Feels True To You” and it’s a way to help connect your impulses to the sound that’s actually coming out of you. You know that feeling when something comes out of your mouth and it feels totally fake? And your inner monologue is like: “That was b***s***!” This exercise will help you tap into making the sound that is truly authentic, which is of course the...

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Tongue Twisters with Nasals

how to warm up May 25, 2017

Last week in our Articulation exercise we practiced the nasal sounds M, N, and NG. Today, we’re going to put it all together into a few fun and silly tongue twisters that will get your soft palate and other articulators working in tip top shape!

Check out the Tongue Twisters with Nasals exercise here: 

Are these hard for you? Easy? Let me know!


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Nasals Articulation Exercise

how to warm up May 18, 2017

Nasal sounds may not be the most obvious articulation issue, but if you can’t articulate nasals, you can’t articulate clearly. Why? Nasals require a lot of dexterity of the lips, tongue, and soft palate.

The three main nasal sounds we use in English are M, N, and NG. Check out today’s How To Warm Up Articulation video to learn how to make these nasal sounds clearly and easily!

Check out the Nasals Exercise (Articulation) here:

Are these hard for you? Easy? Let me know!...

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Loft Resonance

how to warm up May 11, 2017

In today’s How To Warm Up video, we’ve looped back around to a Resonance exercise! In the last loop we talked about mask resonance, which helps you get into a forward-placed, ping-y sound. Today, we’re going to talk about what I like to call ‘loft resonance.’ It helps you get into a taller, more robust placement. Think about it this way… mask resonance is the belt-y Elphaba sound, and loft resonance is more the classical Glinda sound. (Hats off to...

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Laryngeal Massage

how to warm up May 04, 2017

I’ve been thinking about sharing the content in today’s How To Warm Up video for quite awhile, and I’m very excited the time has come! See, today I am teaching you how massage the muscles on the front of your throat.

Your larynx (pictured to your right – image courtesy of Blue Tree Publishing, is your voice box: the thing made of cartilage that sits in your throat and houses the vocal folds (aka the...

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The “Sh, Let It Go” Breath Support Exercise

how to warm up Apr 20, 2017

We’re back with another “How To Warm Up” video, and today we’re covering breath support!

In the last video on Body we covered one of my favorite new things – abdominal massage. Massaging your guts is super beneficial for helping your belly release so you can allow in an easy, expansive inhalation.
When we’re producing sound, the exhalation isn’t just released… rather it...

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Use a neti pot for World Voice Day!

vocal health tips Apr 16, 2017

Happy World Voice Day!

I wanted to do something special in honor of this relatively new annual celebration, so today I’m sharing a very special video. It’s allergy season, and I’ve frequently been recommending neti pots. But when I tell people to use them, I often get incredulous cross-eyes and hear “that’s the thing where I pour water through my nose right?!? I don’t think I could do that!”

I’ll admit neti pots are...

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