Improve presence and communication in your workplace, and bring your business to new heights!

It’s not just individuals that need to speak their truth… companies need to too!

In this information age, employees want to work in friendly and open environments, and consumers want to support companies that are doing good. The more authentically the individuals in your organization can express themselves, the more aligned they can become with the company’s mission and vision, and the better outcomes you’ll see for your business.

Elissa visits companies for workshops and keynotes, and works with companies long term to develop programs that optimize internal communication and improve customer service.

Download the Workshops one-page for information about three customizable workshops:

Amplify Your Presence: Learn the fundamentals for vibrant presentation skills and more authentic connections with your colleagues and customers.

Speak With Your Whole Voice: Empower the women’s voices in your organization. This workshop explores common vocal habits including vocal fry, uptalk, and other pitch patterns and provides the tools to shift those patterns for more authentic expression.

Empower Your VoiceFor those in professions that can cause vocal fatigue and overuse. This workshop is especially relevant for yoga and fitness instructors, or sales and customer service teams.


Download the Sales Training one-page for information about how vocal training for sales teams can improve relationships with customers and lead to increased conversions.

To book any of these workshops, or if you’d like to speak with Elissa about designing a customized program for improving communication in your company, please fill out the intake form below:


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