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We learn as children that only the loudest voice gets to be heard.

We grow up believing that confidence and strong voices are natural gifts only some possess.


This simply is not true.


Confidence and vocal
strength can be learned.

Your voice needs to be heard. 

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Your Journey to
Vocal Health and Confidence:

Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth Podcast

Enjoy weekly episodes with Elissa and special guests, all about having a healthy, confident, authentic voice and speaking your truth so that you can express yourself fully.

With practice, this repeatable process will unlock a stronger, more confident, clear and joyful voice than you ever thought was possible.  
You’ll learn these steps in just 3 days of videos, less than 10 minutes a day! 

The Voice Body Connection Membership Community

Join this compassionate space to practice embodying and expressing your truth, with live warmups, group coaching, monthly performances and more.


Release Your Voice

This 20 week long, deeply in-depth program is for people experiencing muscle tension issues that are inhibiting their speaking or singing voice. Class starts once a year each January (or enroll on independent study).


Authentic Voice Academy

In this ten week live course, you’ll learn how to be confident and charismatic whether you’re connecting in a meeting, on video, or in front of a crowd. Class starts once a year each September.


About Elissa

Elissa Weinzimmer is the founder of Voice Body Connection, empowering speakers and singers to have healthy, powerful voices. After losing her own voice at age 21, Elissa began studying the mechanics of voice.

Through her courses and podcast, she has helped thousands of students to find their voice and speak their truth. Elissa has coached for eBay, WeWork, and Equinox, and has been featured by Career Contessa, Kajabi, Healthline, and SheKnows.

Elissa holds an MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy from the University of Alberta and was the recipient of the Clyde Vinson Award for Excellence from the Voice and Speech Trainers Association.


Success Stories

“I have a background in theatre, so initially I showed up to keep up my technique. And while I do indeed feel more alive in my voice and body, the transformation I’ve experienced since joining the Voice Body Connection Community goes so much deeper. I feel more aligned in my energy and spirit too. Internally, I’m calmer and more centered. And externally I’m able to keep habits and make challenging choices with grace.”

- Christion, Maryland, Community member

My understanding of my voice, my body and my mind (and how all three are interrelated) has deepened exponentially through working with Elissa. I had no idea just how much pain and trauma I was holding on to, or how understanding and releasing that pain would free my voice and heart. This work is so much more than physical - this is soul work!

- Julia, Australia, Release Your Voice student & Community member

Training my voice and confidence has helped me become more comfortable. Through all the exercises and everything I’ve done for homework, I’ve established  better practices to being able to record videos for my business and have a conversation with somebody. Plus in the Community I’ve had the space to get to know myself better with acceptance instead of judgment. 

- Steve, Idaho, Authentic Voice Academy student & Community member

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