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Do You Relate?

I don’t know how to get my voice to do what I want it to do.



I don’t have enough vocal stamina to make it through the day.



I hate how I totally lose control when I’m nervous.



I don’t even know what my authentic voice sounds like!



Hi, I'm Elissa, and I get it.

After my personal experience with sudden voice loss, I came to understand the power of the human voice. Since then, it’s been deep and rewarding work to reclaim my voice on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

I’m here to empower you to do the same. Whether it’s your speaking voice or your singing voice (and really, it’s all the same voice!), you deserve to share it and the world needs to hear it.


Success Stories

Elissa helped me find my voice - literally and figuratively. Through our work together, my talks and speeches are so much more authentic and engaging. As I spend an increasing amount of time on stage promoting my new book, I have so much more fun and it’s helped me increase my impact exponentially. This work is a game changer and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

How Your Voice Works is the best vocal training I have ever experienced! Elissa is extremely knowledgeable and articulate, able to distill huge amounts of wisdom into really clear and useable teachings. I enrolled in the class hoping to gain more insight on vocal anatomy. It delivered in that respect, but what I am most excited about is what I was able to unlearn. I now have more trust in my connection to the natural engineering of the human voice and I'm way less conscious about my technique as I perform. I find myself letting go more and more and experiencing a new level of freedom, range, and power. Performing has never been more fun or freeing!

I am a voice actor recovering from muscle tension dysphonia, which is an extremely stressful vocal disorder to suffer from, and Elissa's warmth, care, and encouragement have been vital to my recovery. I continue to recommend her to others who want to learn how to reduce vocal fatigue, maintain efficient breath support, and clear the emotional blockages that inhibit one's ability to express and communicate.  Elissa's own experience as a performer with a vocal disorder gives her an edge--she knows what it feels like to go through such a difficult challenge and knowing that she has been able to heal herself using these techniques is inspiring and provides hope.

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