Work one-on-one with me to connect to and share your authentic voice!

You have a voice that the world needs to hear.


What is your voice anyway?...

Working together in a private package is investing in life coaching for your voice. Together, we'll create a program to:

Shift the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being confident and present

Retrain your nervous system to respond with more ease when you're under pressure

Clear the emotional blockages that are inhibiting your ability to express and communicate

Reduce your vocal fatigue so it doesn't hurt to talk or sing (if relevant)

Learn efficient breath support so your voice is more powerful and vibrant

Use yoga practices, chanting, or singing to free your expression

Re-pattern habits like vocal fry, upspeak, or monotone so that you can communicate more dynamically

Design a personalized warm up that you can use to become centered and release tension

 Develop and prepare speeches or other presentations to convey a clear and powerful message

 Extend the exploration of your personal voice to develop the brand voice of your business


You'll experience freedom and abundance as you create the career of your dreams, revive the communication in your relationships, and share your biggest ideas powerfully with the world!


A fun way to put this all in context: Voice coaching can help you find your authentic voice between the extremes demonstrated by Michelle Williams' hilarious portrayal of a ditzy, high-pitched CEO in "I Feel Pretty" and fallen-from-grace CEO Elizabeth Holmes' pressed baritone, and also help you avoid the fatigued sound of Tony Robbins' voice. So many interesting voices in our modern day! 😉

To apply for private coaching and qualify for a free 20 minute phone consult, please fill out the questionnaire:

How private coaching works:

One-on-one session packages are four months long. Each month, you are allotted three 75-minute sessions, which you can schedule through Elissa's online calendar system.

Private sessions can take place either over video call via Zoom, or in person in New York City.

Two online courses are also included in the coaching package to structure and supplement your program. They are:

How Your Voice Worksthe course on the anatomy and mechanics of the human voice.

How To Have Presence: the course to re-program your presence on camera, in front of a crowd, and in conversation with others.

To apply for private coaching and have a free 20 minute phone consult, please fill out the questionnaire.


Success Stories

My vocal cords felt strained from "talking" (more like yelling!) all day in my open plan tech startup. When I left work, I didn't even want to talk to my Mom on the phone, let alone go out and be social. I didn't know what was wrong or what to do. Elissa helped me understand how to transform my vocal fry, and gave me exercises to protect my voice and engage breath support.  What I didn't expect were the breakthroughs we reached together about finding my voice, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually!

As a doctor and coach, I was eager to have a voice that matched my enthusiasm for what I do. I'd been struggling with voice issues, cord fatigue and raspiness for years and Elissa led the journey towards my relief. After one session with her the tension in my throat decreased and my confidence to speak was increased. She is fun to work with and professional at the same time. After many sessions with her I am inspired to get involved in new things that I would normally scoff at due to being "out of my comfort zone." This newfound confidence will aid in my being able to help more people through my work. Her confidence is contagious. I am grateful to her and absolutely love her as a person.

Dr Andrea Vitz

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Andrea Vitz

Doctor of Chiropractic

When I first started working with Elissa, I wanted to fix a situation where I thought my voice was loud enough in my acting, but people were having a hard time hearing me. We discovered that my voice was not originating from a feeling, but from a place where my mind was trying to control everything. If Elissa had used a cookie-cutter approach, I would have never made the discoveries about myself that I did. The techniques she used were unlike anything I was expecting, and enabled me to make discoveries about myself that I am continuing to build on to this day.

Mark Hawk


Mark Hawk


Elissa's guidance, presence and knowledge is like nothing I've ever encountered. She is by far, the best teacher I have ever had. She not only improved the quality of my voice, but the quality of my life as well by helping me to feel confident both in the studio recording and outside the studio when speaking in meetings, interviews and beyond. I can't recommend both her one-on-one coaching as well as her online course. Both have changed the way I and my voice show up in the world on a daily basis.


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