The How To Speak Your Truth mini-course

A training series to help you identify your truth so you can express clearly and communicate authentically.

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In this easy-to-digest one week mini-course, you'll learn seven steps to help you access and share what's true for you.

Your voice, your experience, and your desires matter.

"Speak your truth" is such a catch-phrase right now. Everywhere we look, people and advertisers are telling us to do so. So let's talk about how the heck we can do it, yeah?!?


You're one week away from speaking your truth more powerfully!

Each day for the next seven days, you'll learn a new step of the "How To Speak Your Truth" process:

  • Identifying your SENSATIONS,
  • Paying attention to your THOUGHTS,
  • Uncovering your EMOTIONS,
  • Determining your DESIRES,
  • Taking a moment to PAUSE,
  • Moving into EXPRESSION, and
  • Engaging in true COMMUNICATION.

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About the teacher

Elissa Weinzimmer is a vocal health educator, presence coach, and the founder of Voice Body Connection. After suddenly losing her own voice at age 21, Elissa stopped performing and began studying the mechanics of voice. Over time she developed a unique, concrete approach to coaching that empowers performers, leaders, and speakers to optimize their voices and share them more authentically. 
Elissa's clients include Broadway stars, television personalities, politicians, and CEOs. She has led workshops for Equinox, Microsoft, eBay, Instacart, the Skirball Cultural Center, the Columbia School of Public Health, and The Voice Foundation.
Elissa holds an MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy from the University of Alberta and a BA from the University of Southern California. She is certified in Fitzmaurice Voicework® and Hatha yoga, and is currently pursuing Somatic Movement Educator Training in Body-Mind Centering. In 2014, Elissa was the recipient of the Clyde Vinson Award for Excellence from the Voice and Speech Trainers Association.
Elissa is based in New York City, and is currently working on her first book.

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