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The “Topeka Bodega” Articulation Exercise

how to warm up Mar 01, 2017

In this week’s How To Warm Up video, we’ve made it to Articulation! This time around we’re focusing on plosive sounds… the ‘explosive’ consonants that are super important to pronounce accurately for clear enunciation. This exercise is silly and fun, and if you practice I bet you’ll get good at doing it fast enough to impress all your friends

Check out the Topeka Bodega exercise here:

If you get really good at this, please record yourself and...

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Understanding vocal registers: an interview with Chris & Steve of the Naked Vocalist

from the old blog Feb 23, 2017

Vocal registers… kinda make no sense. I mean they do! But everyone talks about them differently. And the deeper you dive, the more confusing things can get. In my online class, lots of students have had questions about the vocal register rabbit hole… so I decided to call on my awesome friends Chris and Steve of The Naked Vocalist podcast to help me dive in. Check it out!

Want more where this came from? Learn more about my online class “How Your Voice...

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The Mask Resonance Exercise

how to warm up Feb 15, 2017

In this week’s How To Warm Up video, we’re tackling that elusive idea of mask resonance. What is it anyway, and how the heck to we get that effortless, ping-y sound? This is a great way to find it, so you can belt like Elphaba!

Check out the Mask Resonance exercise here:

Does this work for you?? Let me know, and ask me any questions in the comments!


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The Humming Exercise

how to warm up Feb 09, 2017

Did you know that humming up and down in pitch is a great little “stretch” for your vocal cords? It’s so valuable that I’m willing to create a gif where I look like a total goof.

In this week’s How To Warm Up video, you’ll learn how a gentle humming exercise can make sure that your air is flowing and your vocal folds are functioning optimally. I recommend this exercise both as a quick assessment to see how your voice is feeling when you’ve been sick...

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The Tense and Release, but Backwards! Exercise

how to warm up Feb 02, 2017

This week’s How To Warm Up video addresses Breath, the all-important power source of our voice! I’m sharing this exercise before any other breathing stuff because I think you should do it literally. every. day. I mean it.

The way our body is hard-wired to breathe – an effortful inhalation, and a passive exhalation – is the opposite of the pattern we need for voice, speech, and singing. So do this daily to remind your body how to step into the most efficient pattern for...

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The Half Sun Salutations Exercise

how to warm up Jan 26, 2017

In this week’s How To Warm Up video, we’re addressing the Body. Here’s a simple, fun way to get your body moving and your breath coordinated in your warm up: half sun salutations from yoga. I recommend doing a few of these at the beginning of your warm up.

Check out the Half Sun Salutations (Body) exercise here:


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The “Do What Feels Good” exercise

how to warm up Jan 19, 2017

This week marks the first official video in my brand new “How To Warm Up” series. Last week in the intro, I mentioned that I’d be rotating between the seven categories: Impulse, Body, Breath, Sound, Resonance, Articulation, and Language. So we’re starting right up at the top today with one of my very favorite Impulse exercises… what I like to call “Do what feels good!”

Check out the “Do What Feels Good” exercise here: 


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How To Warm Up: The Intro Video

how to warm up Jan 12, 2017

You’ve been asking and it was time to answer. So this week I mounted my phone on top of a tripod, and I made you the very first video! Here it is:

Watch the How To Warm Up Intro Video Here:

Stay tuned next week when we’ll dive in with our first exercise.

Also please let me know what you think! It could be:
“Elissa this is awesome, yay!”
“What do you mean by optimum function?”

Or “I learned this exercise awhile back and I can’t...

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You are an energy worker

from the old blog Dec 16, 2016

I have this theory about us performer/presenter/storyteller/speech-giver types. We are all energy workers.

I know you may not practice reiki or healing light therapy, but I still believe you are a crafter and shaper of energy. In fact, I think all humans are.

Think about it… if you smile at a stranger, you have the power to change their mood for the entire day. If a loved one is getting angry, you have the power to say something to break them out of their anger loop. Sure, you may not...

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Do you have a sensitive nervous system? [quiz]

from the old blog Dec 08, 2016

When I ask you “Do you have a sensitive nervous system?” you may not know your answer right off the bat. So let’s do a quiz…

Imagine that you’re getting up in front of people to perform or give a speech, and the stakes are reasonably high. Answer the following four questions:

How nervous do you feel?

  1. Not too nervous.
  2. I’ve got nerves but they don’t overcome my ability to perform.
  3. So intensely nervous that I can’t focus or think...
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