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I want to help you figure it out! Hearing more about your history and assessing your vocal quality will help me understand what might be going on. And that’s why I’ve designed the “What’s holding your voice back?” quiz! You can take it here.


I am a voice coach, not a clinician. So if you are concerned that you have a clinical voice issue, and especially if hoarseness or pain has come on suddenly or persisted for longer than two weeks, it is crucial that you go see an otolarygologist (ENT) and/or a speech language pathologist (SLP) before starting voice coaching. Here are two helpful resources that can help you find the right person: the Johns Hopkins Voice Center National Database and the University of Iowa Voice Team Locator. Only a clinician can help you to get the full picture of what may be going on with your voice. When you’ve got the all-clear to proceed, consider joining us in the Release Your Voice group coaching program where you’ll find lots of support for muscle tension issues.

Yes, if you already have a diagnosis it is still important to communicate with your doctor before beginning voice coaching. Also, please let me know as much as you can about what’s going on in your private client intake form or in your introduction in the course or program you’re taking.

First, I am proud of you for knowing and being able to acknowledge that. I know it’s not easy. If there is specific trauma that you’ve not dealt with, I urge you to seek out the help of a counselor or therapist. I know from personal experience that one on one support is incredibly powerful. If you feel up to it, I’m also happy to help support you in opening up your voice and speaking your truth. My online course How To Have Presence deals with an array of topics related to creating and new, expansive, and present way of being. And of course you can apply for private coaching too.

This is a great question, and of course it varies from individual to individual. If you’re dealing with muscle tension I find that the longer the issues have been going on, the longer it takes longer to untangle them. It’s usually similar if you’ve been reinforcing negative habits that are diminishing your confidence. All this being said, if you’re a diligent and committed student you can make powerful and noticeable changes quickly. My private session packages are three months long because that’s generally the length of time in which we start to solidify big results (you’re always invited to extend your package). And the length of each course is designed to facilitate your incremental growth as well… I find that if you do one module per week, you’ll start to see some real change. Working on your voice is not an overnight or quick fix situation, but when you truly dig in and do the work the results can be long-lasting and amazing.

Great, you're in the right place! My former graduate school professor David Ley came up with the brilliant concept to use a vibrator (yes, a vibrator) to reduce muscle tension and enhance vocal resonance. Together we formed Vibrant Voice Technique. Though we're no longer running that company as an active project or training instructors in the program, I do indeed still believe in and teach the vibration exercises. Here is the list of devices we recommend that you can use for Vibrant Voice Technique exercises, and if you would like access to the online course that explains all the exercises, please email me at [email protected]

Absolutely, in fact I meet with the majority of my clients online! I conduct my online coaching sessions over a video conferencing service called Zoom which is super reliable and allows us to record and share screens. Sometimes people are concerned that virtual coaching will not provide the same benefits as in-person. However the way I work is to empower you to find your own way with doing the practices and exercises in your body. So I actually love the structure of working online, and find that the results for clients are consistently great.

The creation of each of my online courses came out of the realization that I was sharing the same stuff over and over, and the best way to make it easily accessible was to record it! So the online courses contain information that is truly the best stuff I know and teach about voice and presence. I believe in the courses so much, in fact, that every private coaching package includes one. Taking a course concurrently with coaching helps optimize our time together and accelerate your learning. So if you’re enrolling in one of the courses, know that I’ve poured my heart and soul into them, plus I’m there inside checking your comments and posts to answer your questions too!

Of course, if you have the resources and are looking to personal goals, private coaching is a great fit. We will work in depth together to create a customized plan, and focus our work around meeting your goals. If you are interested in private coaching, please fill out the application so I can learn a little bit about your voice and see if it’s a good fit.

I am a strong believer that growth is an ongoing process, so I want to be here for you as long as you want the support! Once you’re enrolled in a course, you have lifetime access to it (or access for as long as the internet is around anyway!), so you can keep coming back to the lessons. You can also always ask me a question on the course pages or in the community. If you’ve been a private client, you’re always welcome to enroll in another package when the time comes again. Plus unless you ever opt out, you’ll keep receiving my weekly emails that include videos about vocal health, how to support your voice, and how to access your most authentic voice.

Yes! I’ve hosted workshops with actors, with women in recovery, and with childrens programs, among others. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please send me a message on my contact page and my team will be in touch with you shortly!

Yes, monthly payment plans are available for both online courses and coaching.


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