Episode 55: About fall equinox 2020, with Virginia Rosenberg

podcast Sep 17, 2020

Astrology knew it before we did: 2020 is wild. 💥

And as we round out towards the end of the year, we are facing some of the most mythic-level, stressful astrological movements we’ve ever seen in modern times. So our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg is back with her guidance and wisdom.

The big takeaways? To re-connect to each other, co-regulate, and work as a team. To practice listening and real dialogue. And to remember that our spiritual practice right now is to use our voice and un-censor ourselves.

If you are here on the planet right now, you’re part of the transition team for this changing of the ages. And you’re here for a reason… your voice matters. 👯‍♂️🗣

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - Intro and welcome back to our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg.
  • 2:15 - What’s going on the planet and in the cosmos right now? We are living through a major change of ages. Like, mythic level change. A major transit going on is Saturn in Capricorn, which is about reckoning and reformation.
  • 7:00 - This equinox chart (the equinox is Tuesday September 22nd) highlights the ways that we need to start perpetuating the harms that our systems and structures are fundamentally anchored in. How do we excavate these harms embedded in our bodies and minds, and disentangle from abusive systems? This is mythic level stress.
  • 8:53 - Elissa asks: if we have this much work to do between now and the end of the year, is it even possible?! Virginia’s answer: this work will continue for a handful of years, but there is a rapid dismantling happening now.
  • 11:35 - Elissa recaps her aha moment from the 2020 winter solstice episode, realizing how we’re really being shown the contrast between things that nature created, and things that humans created.
  • 14:07 - On January 12th, Saturn came conjunct with Pluto. We saw the effects weeks/months later. On September 9th, Mars went retrograde while square with Saturn and Pluto. Are we going to see the effects weeks/months later? Are we currently waiting for the other shoe to drop? Virginia explains the specific planetary movements of this moment in time. 
  • 20:50 - Something we’re learning (from Mercury in Libra) is that we are depending on our relationships… our network! We have to co-regulate, re-connect, and work as a team. We’re seeing (from the North Node in Gemini), we must practice listening and real dialogue. The spiritual practice is to use your voice and to un-censor yourself.
  • 25:03 - Our Voice Body Connection Process check in. Elissa notices a contraction from the idea of sharing vulnerably. Virginia notices an activated, overwhelmed nervous system from resisting self-care.
  • 29:28 - Elissa shares personally and vulnerably about a somewhat dark ideation about political retaliation. The takeaway: when we go into us vs. them mode or dehumanization, that’s intolerance. So if we want to live with the value of tolerance, and the belief that everyone is allowed to have a voice, then we must look at who we’re unwilling to listen to. Can we actually act and think in accord with our beliefs? Let’s base our actions and beliefs on direct experience instead of “information.”
  • 38:58 - The challenge with talking about truth, is: Is it THE truth, or MY truth? Maybe tne truth is information, and my truth is direct experience, and the latter is potentially more reliable. Our bodies are direct doorways to our truth.
  • 43:24 - Virginia shares how to be in touch with her.


Here is Virginia’s website: virginiarosenberg.com. Follow her on Instagram @virginiarosenberg.

You can access Virginia’s recent Astrology Ahead webinar here, and also the Saturn in Capricorn course here, and the Uranus in Taurus course here, and here’s Virginia’s most recent new moon report on the New Moon in Virgo (Sept 17, 2020).

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