Episode 44: About a regenerative economy, with Mira Megs Lathrop

Our economy is currently breaking down. And while that’s scary, it’s also an opportunity. So let’s ask: how and what do we want to rebuild? Meet Mira Megs Lathrop, the Finanseer. Mira believes that we can go beyond building a sustainable economy and create one that is regenerative.

By mirroring nature and living in a paradigm of abundance, we can transcend the extractive practices that no longer work for us. And we can innovate to a system that functions in right relationship both economically and ecologically. Mira offers clear steps you can take to make a difference, like breaking up with your bank and taking a leap into the quantum field. 🏦💫

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - 6:40 - Welcome to Mira! Together we set the intention that by the end of this conversation, we hope you’ll feel empowered to manifest the abundant reality that is, in fact, the how nature would have us be.
  • 6:40 - 23:35 - Mira shares her story, which includes a ten year career at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor, a transformational trip to Paris, a graduate degree at CIIS, and creating the Capital One money coaching program.
  • 23:35 - 25:43 - Money is our biggest taboo!
  • 25:43 - 28:15 - What is the quantum field and how does it apply to money?
  • 28:15 - 33:56 - Our Speak Your Truth check in. Elissa noticed a stiff back because she was sitting so erect from listening to truth Mira was sharing. Mira noticed excitement about the future, mixed with sadness about being here now.
  • 33:56 - 44:00 - Elissa shares vulnerably about her tendency to go into scarcity mode, instead of staying grounded in abundance. Mira offers the metaphor of letting that compost like soil. How to stay present during this challenging time.
  • 44:00 - Mira speaks about how we can go beyond sustainability and envision a regenerative economy (and ecology). Our current system is extractive. We can build something new and much more holistic.
  • 50:50 - 54:58 - Mira shares some of the 8 principles of a regenerative economy including: In right relationship; View wealth holistically; Innovative, adaptive, and responsive; Empowered participation; Edge effect abundance.
  • 54:58 - 59:34 - Mira shares how to break up with your bank! Stop supporting the fossil fuel industry and invest your money with a sustainable institution.
  • 59:34 -1:05:20 - Mira answers what it means to her to speak her truth. She commits to being 100% honest, but also coming from total love. Kind is clear.
  • 1:05:20 - 1:09:21 - How to get in touch with Mira and wrap up.



You can join Mira on her journey as the Finanseer at www.finanseer.com. Be sure to scroll down for upcoming events, including free Quantum Money conversations happening on May 20th, June 10th, and June 24th. If you’d like to join her community check out www.finanseer.com/quantummoneycollective. And follow her on instagram to help her get to 1M followers! @miramegslathrop

Mira mentioned reading Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Workweek.

Mira got her graduate degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies: www.ciis.edu.

Here’s information on the Capital One money coaching program that Mira envisioned and built. Go get yourself some free coaching!

In discussing the quantum field, Mira mentioned the collective unconscious, noetic sciences, and quantum entanglement. And Elissa mentioned the butterfly effect.

Here’s the regenerative chart Mira referred to:

Mira and I have both been to Burning Man. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s the deal.

A bit about Buckminster Fuller.

Mira mentioned two movies she recommends: The Biggest Little Farm, and Fantastic Fungi.

Here is the Fossil Fuel report card Mira mentioned. And if you want support for breaking up with your bank and choosing a more sustainable option, check out the resources page of Women Power Our Planet.

As Brene Brown says, Clear is Kind.


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