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The space to practice speaking your truth and support others doing the same.

Welcome to the Community!

The Speak Your Truth Membership Community is a group led by Elissa Weinzimmer, creator of the "How To Speak Your Truth" podcast and founder of Voice Body Connection. Enrollment opens next in March 2020. Scroll down to learn more and get on the waitlist... ✨

We work with a step by step practice for speaking our truth, which you'll learn about in the "How To Speak Your Truth" mini-course (free as part of your membership!). The steps are:
  • Identifying your SENSATIONS,
  • Paying attention to your THOUGHTS,
  • Uncovering your EMOTIONS,
  • Determining your DESIRES,
  • Taking a moment to PAUSE,
  • Moving into EXPRESSION, and
  • Engaging in true COMMUNICATION

The world needs your clear, powerful, honest voice.

What you get as a member:

  • Enrollment in the How To Speak Your Truth online course. This class covers the seven steps outlined above and helps you understand each one 🧠.
  • A monthly live group video coaching session on Zoom. Volunteer for spotlight coaching to practice speaking your truth in an actual situation in your life! These sessions are on the second Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm EST, but if you can't make it live you can always watch the recording later. 👫 (Want a sneak peek into one of these sessions? Watch here!)
  • A monthly interactive recording of the coming month's solo episode. Sit in with Elissa as she records the theme episode for the coming month, and share your thoughts off the air afterwards. This happens on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm EST, and you can also access the recording in our archives. 🎙
  • Weekday warm-ups! Meet Elissa on Zoom at 8:40am EST on M/W/Th and 5:40pm EST on Tuesdays for a daily 20 minute warm up! 💃(These are not recorded and can only be attended live).
  • Access to our private community facebook group, where you can introduce yourself, share your truth-speaking experiences and challenges, and interact with each other (we use facebook live so we can practice sharing out loud in real time!) 🤳.
  • Astrological insight on the new and full moons. This will help you understand how your communication process might be impacted and what truth to share when 🌒🌔.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes video greetings from podcast guests and me 💕.
  • PLUS - The chance to become a beta-tester for a new text-based app that will literally allow you to carry the How To Speak Your Truth model with you in your pocket. So exciting!! 📲

Enrollment opens 3x/year...

Membership is $39/month and the next enrollment date is March 2020. Enter your information to be notified when doors are opening again! 🚪🌟

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About Elissa

Let's do this in the first person. Hi! I am thrilled to be saying hello and inviting you into this Community. I am a voice and presence coach and the founder of Voice Body Connection. I work with performers and professional speakers on vocal health, presence, and communication. I believe the deepest extension of working on our voice is being able to share our truth. After all, when we are living fully in our bodies and expressing using our voices, we raise our vibration on a literal and meta-physical level. In doing so, we become not only the brightest version of ourselves, but also an inspiration for everyone around us. It all starts with finding our voice and speaking our truth. So let's do it, yes?!


See you in here soon!



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