Episode 43: About your everyday things, with Gabriella D'Italia

How much thought do you give to the clothing you put on your body? πŸ‘•πŸ‘—To the books that are on your shelf? πŸ“šTo the everyday objects that surround you? 🏺

Everything we own tells a story. And specifically, the way we accumulate things reveals our relationship to scarcity or abundance, and therefore shows how sustainably we're living.

In today’s podcast episode, meet Gabriella D’Italia. She’s an artist and a coach helping people restore sacred balance with their everyday things through holistic styling and more. Gabriella has changed my life, and I think hearing this conversation might change yours too. It’s like next level Marie Kondo… get ready.

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - 3:18 - Welcome Gabriella.
  • 3:18 - 8:38 - Gabriella’s story: how she helps people restore sacred balance through their relationship with their everyday things - especially clothing. 
  • 8:38 - 9:55 - The importance of art.
  • 9:55 - 12:38 - This work came out of a personal transformation. “Wisdom is not information, but connection.”
  • 12:38 - 16:12 - Elissa’s story about her robe, and how she came to learn she was living in scarcity.
  • 16:12 - 19:02 - We all have a “just” category with our clothing…. “I just wear this when no one sees me” … “I just wear it when I walk the dog.” What we can learn from our attachment to material objects, and also from our willingness to dispose of things. 
  • 19:02 - 20:49 - The terror of getting rid of our excess. It leaves us with empty space. 
  • 20:49 - 25:14 - Gabriella’s work is about finding your truth through Vision. Elissa’s is about finding your truth through Voice. The double dutch image: to be present with what’s going on is a sustainable state.
  • 25:14 - 28:51 - A story with a past client who held onto a skirt associated with a traumatic event. The woman thought it was empowering to keep it, and then realized that wasn’t actually her truth.
  • 28:51 - 37:02 - Our Speak Your Truth check in. Elissa admits she’s wearing uncomfortable sweatpants.
  • 37:02 - 39:10 - The importance of practicing self-compassion by describing and accepting our experiences, rather than judging and evaluating them right away.
  • 39:10 - 44:45 - Why an abundance mindset is so important for sustainability. Case in point during the pandemic: toilet paper! 🧻 Excess is often a sign of scarcity. How do we embrace abundance to create a better normal?
  • 44:45 - 46:52 - Gabriella answers: “What does it mean to you to speak your truth?” Wisdom bomb: “Wear the change you want to see in the world.”
  • 46:52 - 50:43 - Gabriella tells us the story of the vase that she decided to place next to her for this podcast recording.
  • 50:43 - 54:30 - How to get in touch with Gabriella and wrap up. πŸ’–


If you want to get in touch with Gabriella and learn more about her Mirror & Lens work, head to www.mirrorandlens.com or connect with her on instagram @mirror_and_lens.

In case you didn’t understand the Marie Kondo reference, Marie Kondo is the “sparks joy” woman who helps people get rid of their excess clothing and other objects. Here’s her best-selling book The Magical Art of Tidying Up, and I highly recommend her Netflix show.

If you’re not familiar with double dutch, here’s a video of the championships.

Picture time...

Elissa’s robe: 

Gabriella’s vase:

And if you want to hear more about this vase, there’s more in the behind-the-scenes video for this episode. Join the Membership Community to see it... 🎬


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