Episode 37: About technology as a tool for growth, with Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey is a software engineer with a penchant for self-improvement. A few years ago our paths crossed, and I shared an early version of the How To Speak Your Truth process with him. Like any good geek, Jack decided he would create a tool to help him remember to use the process. So he built a text-based app, and a few weeks later I cried over my sushi when he showed it to me. In this episode, Jack and I discuss why it may be weird - but it’s actually super practical - to pay attention to the sensations in your body. And we explore how technology can be a powerful tool for growth, especially in this difficult time. 

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - 2:52 - A more recent intro from Elissa and Jack
  • 02:52 - 8:41 -  Introducing Jack Dempsey, an accomplished software engineer with a penchant for personal growth
  • 08:41 - 10:00 - Why Jack has always been a geek for self-improvement
  • 10:00 - 15:51 - The story of how Jack created an app to automate the How To Speak Your Truth model (and Elissa cried over her sushi)
  • 15:51 - 17:55 - Why technology can be an amazing tool for growth and 
  • 17:55 - 24:31 - Speak Your Truth check in time
  • 24:31 - 28:24 - What happens if you notice two (or more) sensations in your body at the same time?
  • 28:24 - 31:38 - Sometimes Elissa forgets to use the speak your truth process too! The app helps us remember
  • 31:38 - 32:49 - Why it’s important to build technology that helps us grow
  • 32:49 - 36:35 - Jack answers: What does it mean to you to speak your truth?
  • 36:35 - 40:18 - Jack shares how speaking his truth has been showing up in his own life
  • 40:18 - 43:08 - Why it’s important to try something new even if you’re not doing it perfectly, and why you don’t always need to say everything 
  • 43:08 - 46:15 - The future of this app and how you can get it 
  • 46:15 - 47:14 - Truth bomb from Jack: "If everyone in the world got a little bit better at communicating more authentically, with more truth, to more people, it would be transformative."
  • 47:14 - A more recent check-back-in with Elissa and Jack, where Jack admits he was holding back out of fear, and releases the app to anyone who wants it to be supportive during this time of the coronavirus


We’re not putting Jack’s email in here, after all!  … we’re opening up the app to whoever wants to try it. Enter your details here and I’ll send you the instructions for using the app.

Jack and I met while we were engaging with a course to help engineers with public speaking: Femgineer created by Poornima Vijayashanker.

Jack is currently the Director of Software for Creator, an SF-based startup that builds hamburgers using robots. (Visit them at 680 Folsom Street). Before that he was at Instacart.

Jack built his app using Twilio.


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