You are an energy worker

from the old blog Dec 16, 2016

I have this theory about us performer/presenter/storyteller/speech-giver types. We are all energy workers.

I know you may not practice reiki or healing light therapy, but I still believe you are a crafter and shaper of energy. In fact, I think all humans are.

Think about it… if you smile at a stranger, you have the power to change their mood for the entire day. If a loved one is getting angry, you have the power to say something to break them out of their anger loop. Sure, you may not always exercise these powers. But you do possess them.

So what do we do with these magical powers?

When we step up in front of a crowd of people, an audience, or a director in an audition room, our job is to transform energy. To change the vibrations of the room with our presence and our focus.

The thing that happens so often in these situations is that we give away our power to set the energy of the room. We give it away to our observers. We let our thoughts wander to “What do they think of me?” “Do they even like this?” or the most pernicious of all… “How do I think I’m doing?”

When we are self-monitoring in this way, our brain space is occupied by stuff that is simply none of our business. A huge part of our focus is outside of us looking back at ourselves. It’s almost like half of our consciousness is a parrot in a cage chirping: “You’re not doing it right! Make sure you’re doing it right!” Now it’s okay if these thoughts are floating by in the back of our consciousness because there’s no way to fully turn them off. But if they’re taking up your primary brain space, it’s not helpful.

So again, what to do?

Take that focus that’s outside of you and channel it back into your message.

Connect in second circle with who you’re speaking to, and make it about helping them understand you. You’re not trying to read their mind and it’s none of your business to worry about how they perceive your message. Your only concern is “did they get it?” So you’re actually looking for real-time visual cues that will let you know that they get what you’re saying. (And if you’re a performer delivering a monologue or song to a spot on the wall, it’s true there’s extra work for you! You gotta add in the imagination of this person too… and believe I know that’s complex.)

The bottom line is:

Your focus and your presence are yours to cultivate.

They are not outside of your control. And if you can only keep one primary thing in your awareness at a time (which is true, even the NY Times says so), how about you focus on delivering your message rather than whether they like the color of your hair.

My energy worker friend, the energy in that room is yours to craft and transform. Take it into your own hands and play!


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