What To Put In Your Hot Water

vocal health tips Oct 11, 2018

Cold season is officially upon us here in the Northern hemisphere, and I want you to stay healthy! One of the best ways to do that is to drink lots of warm liquids, but people say so many different things about what kind of hot beverage to drink to soothe your voice… Use honey! Use lemon! Use ashwaganda! (That last one is an awesome ayurvedic remedy, fyi 😜). But look, the best thing for your voice is not actually that complicated: it’s plain ole’ hot water.

In today’s vocal heath video, hear my list of recs about what you can add to the magic that is hot water in order to get you through fall and winter with flying colors🌈 . 

Watch the What To Put In Your Hot Water video here:

I hope and totally believe this will help you stay healthy this fall! Let me know if you have questions.



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