Use a neti pot for World Voice Day!

vocal health tips Apr 16, 2017

Happy World Voice Day!

I wanted to do something special in honor of this relatively new annual celebration, so today I’m sharing a very special video. It’s allergy season, and I’ve frequently been recommending neti pots. But when I tell people to use them, I often get incredulous cross-eyes and hear “that’s the thing where I pour water through my nose right?!? I don’t think I could do that!”👀

I’ll admit neti pots are definitely a little strange to get used to. But because I really believe in them, I’ve decided to ease your way in by recording myself doing it!

Watch the neti pot video here:

Enjoy irrigating your sinuses, and post any questions below!

P.S. Special thanks to Steve Weinzimmer (aka my dad!) for the cinematography ☺️



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