Sound That Feels True To You (Impulse)

how to warm up May 10, 2018

In today’s How To Warm Up video, we’re going back to the very beginning: our initial impulse to make sound. This one might feel a little bit woo-woo earth-crunchy to you (you always knew I was wearing Birkenstocks on those feet!), but I promise it’s a great one to try.

The deal is: you’re going to make a sound – yes just make a sound, not say a word – that feels true to you in the moment. Kinda like a sigh. And you’re then going to ask yourself: Was that really the sound I wanted to make in that moment? When you actually get good at knowing whether your impulses are making their way into sound, you’re so much more connected to your voice and desire to speak! So let’s try this woo-woo thing, shall we?

Watch the Sound That Feels True to You video here:  



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