Soft Palate Exercises (Articulation)

how to warm up Jul 05, 2018

Do you ever have issues with clarity with your nasal sounds? (M, N, or NG?) If so, you may actually have a soft palate issues. You may know your soft palate as the squishy part at the back of the roof of your mouth, but something you may not know about it is that it’s actually a flap of tissue that lowers and raises to close off the airway to your nasal passages! Whoa!!

In order to have super clear nasal sounds then, and also to have less nasality in your overall speaking voice, you need to have a very dextrous soft palate. So if you think yours could use a little workout, then I suggest checking out this week’s How To Warm Up video!

Watch the Soft Palate Exercises video here:

I hope this helps you have more clarity in your voice!



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