Kapalabhati Pranayama

how to warm up Jun 15, 2017

Calling all yogis and yoginis! Today’s How To Warm Up video is an awesome breathing exercise from yoga – a pranayama – called Kapalabhati (pronounced kuh-pall-uh-BAH-tee). Kapalabhati means “skull shining breath.” The idea is that when you practice this breathing technique, your skull winds up feeling all shiny and tingly from the energy you’re sending upwards. Sounds kinda nice, right? The best part about this pranayama is that it is another way to practice supporting from the low belly and sending the breath (and therefore vocal) energy up and out. So check this out because if your body can master kapalabhati, you can master breath support!

Check out the Kapalabhati (Breath) exercise here:

Alright – hop to it yogi breathers!



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