How To Warm Up Your Voice: The Intro to the “How To Warm Up” Series

how to warm up Apr 18, 2018

Welcome to the How To Warm Up video series!! 🎉

If you’re like: “Ummmm, Elissa, I’ve been watching these videos for a year…” then I know the welcome sounds weird. I’m welcoming you back though, because I recently got around to re-filming the introduction video! (As you may have noticed if you’ve been following the videos for a while, they’ve had a new look in the last six months. After getting feedback that the series was really helpful, I upgraded from filming them on my phone to working with my awesome videographer Carlos✨)

So here’s your intro/refresher on how the series works! Essentially, I created the How To Warm Up series to help you learn how to warm up your voice and body (that’s a little bit of duh, isn’t it 🙃😆). But rather than making one ten-minute warm-up video for you and calling it a day, I want to teach you how to fish for yourself so to speak. That’s why there’s a system behind the exercises to help you design the best warm up for you on any given day. This intro video will teach you that system and how to use the playlist. Check it out so you can warm up to be your best self when you’re performing on a stage, filming on camera, or even heading into a big meeting with your boss!

Watch the How to Warm Up Your Voice video here:

f you’re newer to the Voice Body Connection community, I hope this intro gives you some really useful context. And of course you can check out the whole How To Warm Up playlist here on youtube.

Let me know how your warm ups are going, and of course if you have any questions!



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