Facial Muscle Warm Up (Impulse)

how to warm up Oct 26, 2017

In today’s How To Warm Up video, we’re going to learn how to warm up your facial muscles so that all of your impulses can make their way into full expression! I’ve put this exercise under the Impulse category for that reason, though of course a facial warm up improves your articulation too! So join me for this fun, goofy sequence of exercises that will conclude in some totally ridiculous faces (yes, I’m fully aware of the screen captures that could now exist on the world wide web… but it’s worth it to help you warm up!!)

You can learn more about Knight-Thompson Speechwork I referenced in the video at ktspeechwork.com.

Watch the Facial Muscle Warm Up (Impulse) exercise here:

If you want to share your most ridiculous gurning face with me, by the way, I would love love LOVE if you post it below.



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