Essential Oils For Your Voice

vocal health tips Nov 15, 2018

Do you use essential oils? Do you know what they are?? (Hint hint: they’re plant extracts šŸ˜‰šŸŒ±).

I’ve been using them for about three years now. A friend reached out to me when I posted about the big psoriasis flare I was having (it was this post) and said “Hey lady, do you want to talk about essential oils? I think they could really help you!”And my first reaction was like:

“Um, I’m majorly sick right now. Why are you suggesting aromatherapy?!?”

Boy have I learned a lot since back then. But if you’re anything like I was three years ago, you might not realize that essential oils are SO much more than just yummy smelling bottles of goodness… they are truly plant medicine and nature’s solution for so many of our maladies. My collection of oils is now the most important part of my medicine cabinet, and I’ve eliminated my need for Advil or Nyquil.

So of course you can use them when it comes to your voice! But there are a couple of really important things you need to know about why you shouldn’t heat the essential oils and how to be sure you don’t overdo it with them. Check out today’s vocal health video to learn the do’s and don’ts of using essential oils for your voice.

Watch the Essential Oils For Your Voice Video here:

And if this is appealing to you, then here’s a part two to your education:

Next Tuesday November 20th at 8pm ET I’m hosting a totally free online gathering that I’m lovingly calling “Hippie Witch Club” šŸ˜. It’ll be a talk/Q&A session about wellness practices and your voice overall. If you’ve been on this newsletter for awhile, you may have picked up that I eat according to Ayurveda, follow the moon cycles, study astrology, meditate, and use essential oils. Recently a group of my soul-sister female entrepreneur friends have been encouraging me to reveal more about these practices. So this is me dipping my toe in to share with you! šŸ‘£

Now full disclosure: part of the inspiration for hosting this gathering is that I’ve signed up to sell Doterra essential oils. I’ve been a mega fan of these oils for three years (they’re all I use, and truly the best, highest-quality on the market), but I never imagined I’d want to do the multi level marketing thing. Then I had the incredible opportunity to join this group of inspiring women in supporting each other so we can educate people to reach for peppermint oil not Tylenol during a headache (etc). I said YES because I believe in this 1000%. This is a new endeavor for me, but please know that I am never going to get pushy about selling you oils and this won’t take over my newsletter at all. It’s simply part of showing up more fully in service in all the ways I believe.

So, Hippie Witch Club is gonna be an integrated conversation about how we take radical, amazing care of ourselves so we can show up fully and authentically in the world. I’ll share more info with you about essential oils too, but there is absolutely zero pressure to buy anything.

If you want to come to Hippie Witch Club, email me at [email protected] and let me know!! I’ll write back and send you the link so you can join me at 8pm EST this coming Tuesday! (Or watch the recording!) YAY, so fun and joyful… if this appeals to you I hope to see you there!! ā˜®ļøšŸŒ“āœØ



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