Episode 66: About winter solstice 2020, with Virginia Rosenberg

podcast Dec 17, 2020

There’s a change of age happening, y’all. The current movements of celestial bodies in the sky are of epic proportions. As in, never-before-seen-and-will-never-be-seen-again-in-our-lifetimes proportions. And after the 2020 we’ve had, I think you get that this is all a very big deal. 🌚🌞☄️

So, in this last episode of the season, our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg is back to help us make sense of it all. Join us to put a cap on this wild year and vision how we’ll find our voice and speak our truth in the future...

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - Welcome back to our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg. This is an epic moment in our human history and in the cosmos, and astrology has much to teach us.
  • 6:45 - Here’s a recap of what’s happening in the sky around the solstice. December 14th was a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, on December 17th Saturn moves into Aquarius, on December 19th Jupiter moves into Aquarius, and on December 21st (the winter solstice), is the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. This is big stuff. 2020 has been obvious oblivion… and this moment is the crowning after our long labor. 
  • 15:27 - Virginia shares what we need to know to navigate this time. Keep in mind: Eclipses bring plot twists so if something leaves your life, accept it. Orient towards freedom. You are your own authority and sovereign creator. 
  • 20:25 - Our Voice Body Connection Process check. Elissa feels her heartbeat strongly and realizes she wants to expand. Virginia feels a “firm buzzing.”
  • 34:10 - Is this the dawning of the age of Aquarius? Not exactly, but there are some major Aquarian themes in our coming era.
  • 40:24 - The theme this month on the podcast is Expansion. Aquarian energy helps us understand how to expand in this next age. It’s about embracing the ways that we’re outsiders, creators, and rebels. How do you cultivate your barbarian self?
  • 47:53 - What does all this mean in terms of finding our voice and speaking our truth?
  • 54:37 - Aquarius is a channel. Each of us is a channel for the future we want to create.
  • 56:58 - Join Virginia for a live circle on the 21st for the solstice and Great Conjunction. And on the 29th, for a preview of the Astrology Ahead in 2021. There’s also an Astrology of 2021 Calendar. You can find all details on her website linked below!


Show Notes 


Virginia is on the podcast quarterly for each equinox and solstice. Check out past episodes by searching “Virginia’ in the search bar. And to enroll in her upcoming courses, visit www.virginiarosenberg.com.


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