Episode 64: About effective communication, with Keven Brahim Kaddi

podcast Dec 04, 2020

There are tons of effective communication models out there. Keven Brahim Kaddi has studied and facilitates many of them.

As a longtime friend and collaborator of mine (we produced a new musical together in Los Angeles in 2010), I was thrilled when Keven reached out after reading my Conversation Culture article. He affirmed how much the model I created converges with other models.

In this episode, Keven will talk us through some of the shared wisdom of effective communication, and how we can put it into action in our lives...

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - Welcome to Elissa’s friend and collaborator Keven Brahim Kaddi, here to talk about #ConversationCulture.
  • 2:45 - Elissa and Keven met co-producing a new musical in 2010.
  • 5:35 - Keven shares his work and educational history and multi-cultural background.
  • 14:02 - Keven shares what healthy conversation means to him. Keven believes it occurs in a shared container of safety and meaning. In our “spheres of influence.” Effective communication requires willingness and curiosity. We can’t force people into conversation.
  • 21:43 - Keven has studied many frameworks for effective communication. Here’s an overview of shared themes among the many he’s studied, including especially Vital Smarts’ Crucial Conversations. Some things to remember: Assume positive intent, and examine your own stories. Seek the “pool of shared meaning.”
  • 29:39 - How do we get curious and listen to each other? Memorize the phrase: “Can you tell me more…”? Our goal is to stay in the pool of shared meaning, rather than going to the extremes of silence or violence.
  • 35:02 - How do we exit our conversations and move forward effectively? This is about designing action and accountability.
  • 39:19 - How do we deal with our “Uncle Joe’s” who disagree with us politically and otherwise? Keep in mind this is not about changing Uncle Joe, but changing your experience around Uncle Joe.
  • 48:10 - Our Voice Body Connection Process check in. Elissa and Keven are both feeling a sense of weightiness.
  • 55:49 - Keven answers what it means to him to have a voice and speak his truth.
  • 57:20 - Get in touch with Keven on LinkedIn.


Show Notes 

You can reach Keven here on his LinkedIn profile

Here’s Elissa’s Conversation Culture article

Here’s information about VitalSmarts Crucial Conversations


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