Episode 60: About justice and reform, with RaRa 4 Reform

podcast Oct 22, 2020

RaRa 4 Reform was leading an outdoor, socially-distanced political town hall at Ft. Greene Park in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. I stumbled upon it while on a walk and paused to listen, and my ears perked up when I heard her say “You know I speak my truth.” And so now she’s here with me on the podcast!

Listen as RaRa shares about the current landscape of injustice in New York City and the need for reform in this metropolis and through the USA and the globe. We’re living in silos where people in the same city can be immersed in vastly different realities, and receive extremely different treatment - especially by the police. It’s time to stand up for the next level of justice and reform.

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - RaRa shares a bit about her commitment to humanitarian work.
  • 4:52 - We hear how RaRa moved from an educational background in medicine to becoming a full-time activist in New York City.
  • 9:49 - RaRa shares her take on the current landscape of issues in New York City. As an example, she shares the vastly different treatment of members of the Chasidic Jewish community congregating versus the Black community.
  • 17:36 - RaRa answers what freedom means to her. It’s something that you live, not just something you say you have.
  • 21:10 - When Elissa first encountered RaRa, she was interviewing councilman Stephen Levin in a Town Hall at which she had requested this presence, to challenge him about his decision not to defund the police.
  • 25:24 - RaRa explains what defunding the police means. There are some real numbers and stats in here… and it’s sobering.
  • 33:40 - Elissa talks about why our human nervous systems often get attached to doing things the same way they’ve always been done. It’s hard to interrupt the habits. It’s hard to change. Especially in New York City.
  • 39:46 - Our Voice Body Connection Process check in. Elissa feels rigidity and fear in her body. RaRa mentions what comes up in her body and how she thinks of Breonna Taylor.
  • 47:50 - RaRa answers what it means to her to have a voice and speak her truth.
  • 50:10 - The only time we can’t speak our truth is when it’s not safe to speak our truth.
  • 54:39 - RaRa shares how we can get involved. Live peacefully and together! And vote (check vote.org!)


Show Notes 

Keep up with RaRa and join the work for reform here on instagram @raraforreform. She also requests you follow @justiceforbreonnanyc.

Early voting in NYC runs Oct 24-Nov 1!

RaRa mentioned the New York City deaths of Black men Eric Garner in 2014 and Sean Bell in 2006.

A bit about New York Governor Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic, covered by the Atlantic.

RaRa mentioned the advocacy and death of Sarah Pitts

Blerds for Nerds!

Here’s information about councilman Stephen T. Levin, of New York City District 33.

The New York Times reports on the decision to close Rikers prison.

RaRa mentioned Breonna Taylor and the bodycam video (content warning).

Tamika Mallory quotes All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.


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