Episode 57: About investing in women, with Anu Bhardwaj

podcast Oct 01, 2020

Anu Bhardwaj has has completed undergraduate, masters, and MBA degrees on three continents. She has trekked across Asia studying indiginous remedies for HIV. Her expertise ranges from medicine to business to cryptocurrency, and her network is extensive. And when all is said and done - after all this life experience - the work she deems most important is to promote investing in women.

As the CEO of Women Investing in Women, Anu is developing a platform to reach women and girls in developing countries with education and inspiration. How? By making podcasts accessible on their “dumb phones.” Tune in to hear what’s possible when you think big... 💫

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - In this final week of our theme “Network,” we welcome Anu Bhardwaj, the CEO of Women Investing in Women.
  • 2:22 - Anu shares her incredibly diverse background including an undergraduate degree in art history, a masters in e-commerce, trekking across Asia studying indigenous remedies for HIV, an MBA in Stockholm, a stint diving deeply into crypto-currency, and now her work in elevating investment in women and their companies.
  • 9:11 - Anu explains how investment has traditionally worked, and how she’s pioneered change.
  • 13:54 - Elissa asks: Is it also a question of men investing in women? (Spoiler: Yes)
  •  18:20 - What Anu is suggesting is that we change the flow and makeup of the networks through which money flows on the planet. And one way to measure these new networks is not just the financial return, but also impact. The companies that are socially responsible are succeeding. In the future we won’t even call it impact investing, because the investments that are successful will have impact.
  • 24:00 - We do our Voice Body Connection Process. Elissa notices a stiff back because she’s been listening so intently. Anu notices an alignment in her heart from sharing her message.
  • 31:31 - Anu answers what it means to her to have a voice and speak her truth.
  • 35:33 - Anu shares about the origin of Women Investing in Women. It started as a radio show and now it’s a platform for podcasts (including this one!) on a mobile app. It’s built to be able to load on a “dumb phone” so it can reach women and girls in developing countries. And now we can all communicate with each other - we are all one!
  • 52:57 - Anu shares how to stay in touch (right below).


Show Notes 

You can learn about Women Investing in Women at thestateofwomen.org (the non-profit) and thestateofwomen.com (the investment platform). Sign up for the newsletter!

Here’s the Voice America show Anu started “Women Investing in Women and Girls.”


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