Episode 54: About your network, with Elissa

podcast Aug 06, 2020

Who is in your network? What is a network anyway?

We humans have needs for closeness, intimacy, connection, communication, expression, touch, love... And so many of us on the planet have been living in a way that does not help us meet those needs. So maybe this crazy pandemic time, painful as it is, is also a gift that’s helping us evaluate what’s most important.

In this solo episode, we’ll explore how we can build a sustainable, thriving, abundant network that provides us with everything we need. After all, a network is like a circuit… when it’s complete, it lights us up. 💡 

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - Intro and welcome to our theme for the coming four episodes: Network 
  • 2:15 - Have you heard of Dunbar’s number? 148 is the number of people past which we stop efficiently managing meaningful connections. It’s mentioned in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point.” And British voice teacher Patsy Rodenberg also talks in her book “the Second Circle” about how our species is not meant to encounter so many people. How do we create useful networks in our lives that our nervous system can comprehend?
  • 7:50 - Let’s start applying the idea “go local” in new ways.
  • 8:58 - A friend’s theory that the people you can be close to are the same amount as those who could envelop you in a group hug.
  • 11:08 - Since COVID-19 we’re really having to ask “who are my people?” We’re needing to be very mindful about our people, and we’re forming pods. Who and what is in your direct kinesphere?
  • 14:05 - Another way to think of a network is like a circuit… like in elementary school science class.
  • 15:05 - None of us has ever been through a global pandemic. It’s making us realize that we need to return to and rely on our most sustainable, evolved technology: our human nervous system.
  • 16:24 - The reason nepotism exists is because our human nervous system is a pattern-recognizing machine. It likes what it already knows.
  • 22:30 - Pause to chat with the Voice Body Connection members on the line.
  • 22:56 - A community member shared this quote from Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering: “It is in the way a group is gathered that determines what unfolds.” In other words, the quality with which you engage (the how) is even more important than what you engage in (the what.)
  • 25:09 - Another reason that network is such an active theme for us right now is that we’ve been in a long astrological transit of Venus in Gemini (April 3rd-August 7th… and was retrograde from May 13th to June 25th). Venus in Gemini is asking us how we get the inspiration we need in our relationships. A sense of uplifting exchange.
  • 28:17 - As far as social distancing goes, we can be safe physically and still be close psychologically. A little interaction, like a neighbor making us dinner, is so nourishing.
  • 32:57 - The next episode will pick up on September 17th after a break. Where would you like to take this conversation? Comment below! You can also join the Voice Body Connection Community facebook group (open and free!).
  • 34:00 - Our Voice Body Connection process check in.


The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. And also his book Blink.

The Second Circle, by Patsy Rodenberg.

A bit about the butterfly effect.

The article I mentioned about How To Form a Pandemic Pod.

The Art of Gathering, by Priya Parker.

Here’s some information on Virginia Rosenberg’s 2020 Astrology calendar, as well as a course you can download that goes along with it.

Belong, by Radha Agrawal.


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