Episode 49: About diversity and inclusion, with Kellie Wagner

podcast Jun 25, 2020

Kellie Wagner is the CEO and Founder of Collective, a diversity, equity, and inclusion lab. That means she helps companies - and humans - thrive.

Two months ago I called to schedule Kellie on this podcast. We were about a month into pandemic times, and I asked if Collective was busy. Were companies reaching out to utilize their resources? Kellie said no, you could hear crickets chirping. And then world changed again - George Floyd was killed and the Black Lives Matter movement surged - and now Collective has been deluged with more inquiries than in the history of the whole company, and this conversation couldn't be more relevant.

In this powerful episode, Kellie shares why active anti-racism is crucial in the workplace and at home, why trust is a key ingredient, and what allies can do to act consistently with true solidarity. 

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Show Notes:   


  • 0:00 - Welcome to Kellie
  • 4:09 - Kellie shares her background
  • 9:11 - Elissa shares how a conversation with Kellie two years ago woke her up to the reality of systemic racism 
  • 11:24 - Kellie explains why we don’t get gold stars when we wake up to racism and white supremacy. We get to do the work to dismantle it. 
  • 14:03 - Elissa shares how anti-racism is new terminology for her. How do we talk about racism?
  • 16:14 - Our Voice Body Connection check in
  • 22:50 - Why self care is so deeply important as activists 
  • 23:42 - Kellie shares why trust is so important in creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive environment. How do we create trust across difference? And how do we repair trust?
  • 29:25 - It starts with one to one connection. We’ve got people afraid to get the conversation wrong, and others afraid to be disappointed. And so we get stuck at a standstill. 
  • 30:30 - Calling back to Brene Brown describing trust as a marble jar to talk about how we build a new relationship with each other around race
  • 33:49 - Elissa shares a personal Facebook interaction where she called a friend out in a way she wouldn’t in the past 
  • 38:34 - White allies, one of the most important things you can do is call each other out - or in - around blind spots you see
  • 41:35 - Kellie answers what it means to her to have a voice and speak her truth 
  • 43:50 - The key is to have humility and acknowledge where you’re at in the journey
  • 45:08 - How to get in touch with Kellie and Collective


You can learn about Kellie’s work and hire Collective for the diversity, equity, and inclusion needs of your organization at hello-collective.com.

This is the interview I did with Kellie two years ago as part of my “present & awesome” summit.

Kellie mentioned Mike Brown and Eric Garner as an inciting incidents in the Black Lives Matter movement and personal experience that led to creating Collective.

This is the cartoon I mentioned explaining systemic racism.


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