Easy Onsets (Sound)

how to warm up Mar 15, 2018

Have you heard of something called a glottal attack? It sounds violent, and in fact it can be for your vocal cords! A glottal attack (also called a glottal onset or glottal stop) is when you press your two vocal cords together firmly, and then explode them apart to begin making sound. It makes a sort of clicking or popping noise… Britney Spears does it at the beginning of the phrase when she says “Oh baby baby” in this song, and every time Michael Jackson grunts in Billie Jean it’s a glottal stop too.

Though it’s not inherently an evil thing to do (❤️you Britney and MJ), habitual glottal onsets can cause excess tension in your throat. What’s the antidote? Practice today’s easy onset exercise to learn how to begin phonating – that’s the fancy way of saying making sound – with ease and flow! It’ll make your voice sound smoother, and it’s simply easier on your throat.

Check out the “Easy Onsets (Sound)” exercise here:

HI hope you henjoy this hexercise 😉😝.




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