Breath of Fire (Breath)

how to warm up Apr 05, 2018

In today’s How To Warm Up video, I’m covering a breathing technique from yoga called Breath of Fire!! 🔥

Breath of fire, which is called kapalabhati in Sanskrit (that means skull-shining breath 👽🌟) is used as a technique to move energy upward in the body, or make the coiled kundalini ‘snake’ begin to rise🐍.

Breath of fire is practiced in and out through the nose, and even though we breathe through the mouth when we’re speaking or singing (certainly on the exhalation, and I would argue on the inhalation at most times too), I think practicing this technique is useful for us speakers and singers. When we practice Breath of fire, it helps reinforce the pattern that energy, voice, breath, and even emotion, travel up and out to leave the body⬆️. So in many ways, kapalabhati is the same as the breath support exercise I teach, but just a bit more vigorous and a bit more yogic.

Want to try? Watch the “Breath of Fire” exercise here:

Let me know if this helps with your breath support, or if you have any questions!



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