A Belly Massage For Your Voice (Body)

how to warm up Dec 01, 2017

I LOVE today’s How To Warm Up exercise, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Learn how a belly massage can help you release your guts and breathe more freely. Though I originally learned this practice as a technique for better digestion from my studies of Ayurveda (Indian medicine), I’ve found it’s incredibly beneficial for your voice too! Check it out, and as an extra bonus we’ll play with a water balloon too (you’ll get it when you see it! 😉)

Watch the Belly Massage For Your Voice (Body)exercise here: 

AND – since this video is launching on December 1st, and I’m making it a personal challenge to do a belly massage daily right now – join me for the December belly massage challenge! We’ll check in in the Voice Body Connection community facebook group. Join me here!!



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