Authentic Voice Academy

Hello! Authentic Voice Academy is currently on hiatus in 2022. However if you'd like to enroll in class and work through the recordings from last year, you are invited in as an independent study student. When working through the course on independent study, you can submit your "home-play" and Elissa will review it and give you comments in the course portal. You are also eligible for office hours sessions with Elissa ($150 for thirty minutes). 

By the time you are finished working through the course, you'll have at least one video you feel proud of (if not 20!!), and an understanding of how to make more content featuring you that you love.

Also, when you enroll in class now you'll get to repeat in the future for FREE when I next teach it live. Once you enroll, you can take class over and over again for as long as I offer it. (Plus I'll never take away your access to the recordings.)

I'd love to have you in class!

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