How Your Voice Works

Welcome to How Your Voice Works, the online course that teaches you the anatomy and mechanics of your human voice in a fun, interactive way!

Above is the overview video, the first (free!) module of How Your Voice Works. Have a watch, and when you're ready to learn more, the sign up is right over there ---->

I'm so glad you're here and look forward to meeting you soon!

Want to know more about how the class? Check out these FAQ's:


How long is the video course?

The course is seven modules of 15-30 minutes each, which cover the progression of How Your Voice Works (Impulse, Body, Breath, Sound, Resonance, Articulation, and Language). Each module includes guest expert interviews from leaders in the fields of voice, speech, or movement. Plus there are two exercise videos following each module to help you put your new knowledge into practice. So in total, the course is about 4 hours of content + bonuses.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

I've set up the course so you can do one module at a time to give yourself a chance to let your learning settle in an embodied way. Every week, Kajabi will send you the next module (that's updated info since the filming of the video ⬆️ ). If you keep up the pace, you'll be done in two months! Or if you want to race through, just let me know and I'll release all the module to you so you can FLY! 

Will I get to ask you questions?

Yes definitely! There's a space to enter a comment or ask questions underneath each video in the course, and we also have a dedicated facebook group where you can share your homework, ask me questions, and get to know others who have taken How Your Voice Works

Who is this course designed for?

How Your Voice Works is a fun and thorough exploration of the human voice for anyone who uses it! 😉  However the communities who tend to enroll in and love this course are: singers, voice teachers, actors, voice over actors, and curious public speakers. 

I already know a lot about voice. Is it worth me taking this course?

I'm a big believer in lifelong learning. So even though my primary job is teaching, I also consider myself a lifelong student. It was my goal with this course to go into great depth on the anatomy and mechanics of the human voice, so that it would be just as appealing for those who teach voice as for those who study it. There's something in this class for everyone, and I've seen most every student who goes through the course have at least one "aha" moment per module.

Learn more about How Your Voice Works on the info page here.


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