Healthy Speaking & Tension Release Intensive

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Spend six weeks identifying your personal vocal tension habits so that you can release them and speak with ease.

In this intensive, you will learn:

  • What breath support really is…. And what it isn’t. (Hint: It’s not “breathing with your diaphragm.”)
  • Which muscles are blocking the flow of your voice as it comes up and out.
  • Why your voice gets hoarse and raspy, and what to do to alleviate vocal fatigue. 
  • How to correct your effort when it feels like you’re straining your voice. 
  • How to improve your voice quality so that your voice sounds as resonant and full as you want it to.
  • What you can do to reset your nervous system so you can speak with a powerful and confident voice anytime.

This course is taught by Elissa Maas Weinzimmer, founder of Voice Body Connection.

During the three live online lab sessions, Elissa will spotlight coach a handful of participants on their learning and questions. 

If you cannot make classes live, everything will be recorded and available for you in the online course portal.


What if I can’t come to classes live?

All classes will be recorded! It's ideal to attend the online sessions live if and when you can. But we know that it works best for many students to participate in class asynchronously. The course is designed to give you just as much value whether you are live in class, or watching the recording later. All class sessions will be uploaded to the course portal within 24 hours of the session, and you can also submit questions in the course portal to be answered in class.


Can I still access the materials after the classes end?

Yes! We will never take the course materials away from you (unless the internet breaks, but that won't be on us!). Class recordings will remain available in your Voice Body Connection library.


I’ve been thinking about taking your Release Your Voice class, how is this one different?

The content of this course is similar! However, we will covering things in a more succinct and condensed way. In Release Your Voice, we go over every individual area of likely vocal tension in great depth. This intensive will cover vocal tension patterns in a broader fashion to help address healthy speaking habits.

Existing Release Your Voice students are being invited to participate in this intensive for no extra charge. So if you want the most support for your vocal health - and the most bang for your buck - enroll in Release Your Voice before June 6th, and you'll get to participate in the intensive, get access to the complete independent study coursework of Release Your Voice, and get to join a future live round of Release Your Voice for no extra charge. Send an email [email protected] if you have any questions about enrolling in Release Your Voice & the intensive at the same time.


Are there any discounts?

Yes. Full tuition for the intensive is $599 USD (pay in full) or four monthly payments of $159 USD.

If you are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color) please use the coupon code BIPOC to receive 30% off your tuition.

If you are an artist and need financial support to make this program accessible, we offer a 25% discount for creatives. To qualify, please email [email protected] with the following information: Your name, where you reside, and a short (1-2 paragraph) statement about your creative practice and how you believe that this course will benefit you and your artistic development.

If you live in a so-called developing country and would like to join the course, we offer economic scale discounts that bring tuition to 4 payments of $29 USD/month. To qualify, please email [email protected] with the following information: Your name, the country in which you reside, and a short (1-2 paragraph) statement about why you'd like to take this course and how you believe it will benefit you.



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