How To Have Presence On Camera

The online course for people who want to gain confidence on camera. With Elissa Weinzimmer, founder of Voice Body Connection.

So you want to share your ideas and knowledge with the world by putting yourself on camera.

But you're....

  • Afraid to be seen because you’re worried about the way you look or the way you sound. 🤦‍♀️
  • Nervous that you might say something wrong or fumble over your words. 🙊
  • Scared that people will judge you as arrogant and self-centered for putting yourself “out there.” 😧
  • Worried that people will judge you as unworthy, unqualified, unintelligent. 🧠
  • Judgmental about the things you've recorded and feel like you're a robot. 🤖
  • Nit-picking everything and never letting your hard work see the light of day. 🚫
  • Frustrated that you can’t get everything perfect on the first take. 🎬
  • Unsure how to best relate to your audience, or even how to narrow down who your audience is. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
  • Using technology as an excuse to prevent you from doing the work to put yourself out there (What camera should I use? And where do I plug this thing in anyway??) 📹🔌
  • Starting to think selfies are the worst thing to happen to human-kind since genetically modified food, and totally resistant to reversing the camera towards you. 🤳 

Yup, I get it. 

Hi, I'm Elissa!

When I first started putting myself on camera...

I'd watch the video back and see myself coming across in a pushy, wooden manner. Eesh! 🙈

Even though I've been performing since I was a kid, I had to put a lot of specific work into being comfortable on camera.
Over the years I've studied tons of successful people and coached thousands of clients. I've realized that there is indeed a process you can follow to be more authentic on camera. It's not overnight magic - it's a practice that requires commitment, diligence, and time. 

Everyone can be confident on camera. Yes, that means YOU.

Today I'm able to turn on my phone in video selfie mode or step in front of a camera, even with very little notice, and I can feel grounded and connected to my audience.

I get that you might not love your phone lens or computer camera yet.

That's why I created How To Have Presence On Camera class. Because I know you need support, love (yes LOVE 💕) and concrete steps to get yourself ready to share.  

Here's what we're going to do in class...

  • Film stuff. Yes, it's happening. We'll start slow.
  • Talk about how to structure each video you film and your overall content.
  • Go over any technical issues that might be keeping you stuck.
  • Practice warm-up exercises that you can use anytime you're not feeling confident or present.
  • Share our challenges with each other and have a community for support!

How it all works (the logistics):

  • We start on Friday April 19th.
  • We'll meet every Friday from 1-2pm EST, live on Zoom for nine weeks. (April 19, 26, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, June 7 and 14... mark your cal!).
  • Each class will be recorded, so if you're unable to be present for the live calls you can still participate. (And you can also refer back to the recordings with lifetime access!)
  • Between each class, your "home-play" will be to watch a module of the How To Have Presence course.
  • We'll have a Community where we can share our questions and progress with each other (including videos! 📽).
  • By the end of the eight week class, you'll have: at least one video you feel proud of (if not 20!!), an understanding of how to make more videos you like, and a structure for how you're going to build your online offering.

The only thing that's actually holding you back is fear.

So if your brain is saying:
"It's not time yet..."
"I'm going to sit here and wait and hope my resistance goes away..."
"Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and I'll be as confident as Oprah." (😆!)

Don't listen and stop waiting! Every single month that you don't "put yourself out there," you're stealing your presence from the people who want to hear from you.

Enrollment for this course is now closed.

But we'd love to have you for the next round!

"After a life-altering career move, I was beyond stressed and unsure which version of me would show up at meetings, video conferences, and even phone calls. I hid it well, but inside I felt lost and scared all the time. Since starting the How To Have Presence course… Wow! I've grown more in two months than in the past ten years! I feel confident again and feel so much more relaxed. I consistently get positive feedback on my business presentations, and I'm excited to put myself in front of the camera to record a video course later this year. Simply put—this changes everything."

Eric Gonzaga
Business Development Coach, Devoted Brands

"Elissa helped me find my voice - literally and figuratively. Through our work together, my talks and camera appearances are so much more authentic and engaging. As I spend an increasing amount of time teaching online and promoting my new book, I have so much more fun and it’s helped me increase my impact exponentially. This work is a game changer and I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley
Founder of the Fiscal Femme and author of the 30 Day Money Cleanse

"How To Have Presence class is hands on—or more so, full body, voice on—skills development. I regularly speak for radio interviews, with media, and in presentations. My learning edge was the weekly warm-up activities to practice so I can be fully present, speaking with full authority in the moment. In particular, I appreciate the practice activities, and greater confidence with video delivery. I feel a deeper calm in my body, informing authenticity that can’t be outsourced. I highly recommend this online class!"

Pegge Erkeneff
K-12 Public School Communications Liaison, Author, and Speaker

"The course with Elissa took me in to a completely different and wonderful world of communication and speech technique. I learnt a huge amount about presence and voice range, and have been seeing so much more success in my connection with others via video. "

Tom Broome
Business Executive

"The tools I learned in How To Have Presence taught me to be there, in that moment where I would have previously felt uncomfortable and awkward, and to instead allow the fear and anxiety to wash away as I settled into the present moment. Today is not the time to be silent, and I credit Elissa with helping me find my voice when I didn't even know I had one."

Katie Schloss
Writer and Designer

Here's a bit more detail about the course structure...

The Modules

We'll use the seven pre-recorded modules of the How To Have Presence course as your homework each week. Each module video is short (approximately 10-20 minutes long) and explains a key concept. The topics in order are: HABITS, PRESENCE, NERVES, EMBODIMENT, VOICE, MESSAGE, and MEMORIZATION.

Each module is accompanied by a fun "home-play" assignment and two short exercise videos so you can put everything you're learning into action! We also have an online Community where you can ask questions anytime and get feedback.

Weekly Classes

Starting Friday April 19th, we'll meet for eight Fridays from 1 PM - 2 PM Eastern Standard Time LIVE on Zoom. During this live aspect of the course we'll go into the concrete elements of how to put yourself on camera so you can create an online course, a youtube channel, a membership community, or whatever video content you dream of! During class and in our Community, you'll receive personalized feedback on your assignments, answers to your questions, and inergration for everything you're learning. 


Your Participation

If you're unavailable to join us for the live Zoom classes, you can absolutely still enroll in class and engage by watching the recordings and posting your "home-play" in our Community. Plus you can always email questions in advance if you'd like them answered on the call!

Though it's encouraged to join live as much as possible, if you devote time to the course for eight weeks, you'll see incredible benefit either way. You can expect to spend about an hour per week on class videos, exercises, and assignments and an additional hour each week on the group call.

Want to be kept in the loop?


I hope to see you in class for our next round!



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